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The modern industrial society is pursuing a new form of life in which humans and nature coexist beyond the age of well-being. There are no exceptions in the construction market, and many companies are concentrating on 'eco-friendly' and 'energy saving'. Amid these changing times, Kings Asia is taking the lead in bringing healthy energy to the Korean construction market by producing and distributing eco-friendly phenolic ducts that contribute to the LEED rating in the air conditioning duct field.

Kingsasia LTD,.Co
​Namsoo - Chun


​페놀릭덕트 친환경업체

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Achieve Pletium LEED Rating

Kings Asia also offers Kingspan phenolic duct, refrigeration panel and pipe insulation. It contributes to achieving the LEED rating of buildings with FM certification and eco-friendly product quality.

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curtain wall linear joint

King's Asia introduces side rise products with next-generation technology. It provides faster and easier construction and the highest level of safety with a different level of technology.

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